5 Elevator Pranks to Liven Up Your Workday

When was the last time you played a prank on a friend or colleague? If you’re a responsible adult with more to do than time in which to do it, you probably can’t even remember the last time you let your hair down and staked your prankster claim.

Were you ever to do so again, you’d wait for a weekend night out with your old buddies or a well-deserved destination vacation without the kids. You certainly wouldn’t risk donning your jokester hat on a regular old weekday morning. Would you?

Then again, why not have a little fun at the office — particularly in the elevator, which is literally and figuratively the stuffiest place in the building? As long as you keep your prank within the bounds of polite humor and acceptable office etiquette, these five elevator-related joke ideas will have your coworkers chuckling and your personal stock soaring.

  1. Push the Wrong Buttons

If you’re standing within easy reach of the elevator’s buttons, it’s only polite to ask new arrivals which floor they’re heading to. Under normal circumstances, you’d process their selection and hit the correct button.

But what if you didn’t?

Next time you’re on an elevator, casually ask each arrival for their destination. Then, calmly input the wrong floor. An uncomfortable silence or awkward “But…” is sure to follow. Make sure to milk it for all it’s worth!

  1. Give ‘em the ‘ol Desk Routine

Looking for a more elaborate elevator prank? Carry a desk, lamp and computer (optional) into an empty elevator. Wait until someone gets on and ask if they have an appointment. How much do you want to bet they’ll have no clue what to say? Carry this on as long as building security allows.

  1. Pretend You’re on a Secret Spy Mission

Remember the extended elevator scene in Mission Impossible? Well, just pretend you’re Tom Cruise and you’ve got a whole supporting cast behind you. No one has to know the truth!

  1. Try to Open the Doors By Yourself

Whenever your elevator stops at a new floor, rush to the door (without knocking anyone over) and attempt to open them yourself. Grunt, strain or scream for effect. Once they finally open, look embarrassed and say something to the effect of “I knew that would happen anyway.” Repeat as necessary — just wait until the elevator stops!

  1. Ghost Ride the Elevator

If you’re the last person to get off the elevator and no one gets on at your destination floor, hit a random button just before you step off. You’ll send the elevator to a hopefully-occupied floor without anyone calling it. Imagine what the folks walking by will think when they see a “ghost” elevator open with no one inside and no one waiting or calling it? You might not be there to see the results, but you can bet any passers-by with a sense of humor will thank you for your creativity.

If none of these elevator pranks excites you, there are plenty more where they came from. Why not try out your own and see how it goes? Just remember to tread lightly: Laughter is only the best medicine until someone gets hurt.